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Welcome To My New Website

Welcome to my new website The Ragingbear!!! This will finally be my new but permanent home for all my writings and information after years of trying different blogging platforms, website building platforms and social networks. I have finally found a platform in WordPress that gives me the freedom to play and experiment with various methods in one location instead of having multiple different locations. I will still be active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube although as soon as I find an alternative to YouTube for this website I will switch because YouTube is becoming so commercial and kowtowing to music companies that it is stifling individual creativity.

While there will be some information about my life with ALS on this website since it has directly impacted over 40% of my life and has shaped the man I have become, it has never and will not define who I am. Accordingly this website will not be just about my struggles with ALS but more about my journey to be a better person and creating a life worth living despite whatever obstacles are thrown in my path. Most of my ALS specific writing will be directed toward the new MDA blog which I was asked to be a contributor but I hope as I continue building and refining this website I can include a separate section which can serve as an ALS specific blog.

For now, be patient as I continue to add older posts to complete my consolidation and refine the look and functioning of the website. I can only hope you find some things interesting and helpful to your life’s journey to keep you coming back.

Be well and happy!

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